Buta Grup's Azerbaijan Branch has been opened!

As Buta Grup, we continue to grow. We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary with the opening of our Baku branch. On January 7, 2021, our Baku office was added to our list of offices. We are very excited to lead technological change in our sister country Azerbaijan and achieve new successes together! As Buta Grup, we are a family willing to make your dreams come true in the field of Media, Information and Technology. We research, we dream your dreams. We wonder, we read. We care, we see your business as our own, and we do our best. We implement different projects in various fields such as software development, web design / software, consultancy, digital marketing, E-Commerce, corporate identity design, social media management, graphic design, brand protection and corporate identity. We are looking for something that has not been done with the principle of being different. We produce technological ideas and offer innovative, fast and high-quality solutions. We guide your digital transformation journey with our strong team. We are happy to develop solutions that will brighten the future together.