Name of success since 2005 IdeaSoft

IdeaSoft is Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider, which has adopted the principle of providing web and mobile-based software solutions.

We produce professional e-commerce solutions

As Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider for 15 years, we continue on our way with firm steps. Our industry experience; We are on the way to become a global player in the field of e-commerce and e-export by blending it with the right information, exchange, cooperation and trust.

We have 12.000+ happy customers who choose us

We make trade more profitable for thousands of our customers who want to move their business to e-commerce and grow in the online market. With our 'customer-oriented' working approach, we produce professional e-commerce solutions that do not leave expectations unanswered.

We are a huge family of 180+ people

We are a big family today, 3 people are on this road we started! We work with all our strength with our IdeaSoft Libadiye Headquarters and BÜDOTEK Teknopark R&D teams for those who want to sell online.

We reach large audiences with our events and trainings

We have reached 30000+ participants since 2016 in our free panel trainings we provide to our customers. We conducted Turkey's first certified online e-commerce training free of charge and reached 350+ people and gave them their certificates..

We try to add value to the society we live in..

As IdeaSoft, we are aware of our social responsibility. With the E-commerce Women Project, we aim to increase the power of women in the sector. We do our best to ensure that there are disabled people in e-commerce by saying 'There are no barriers in e-commerce'..

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