Workcube increases
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Workcube is a unified business software
platform that makes your business agile
and smart at every step and digitalizes it

What is ERP?

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is expressed as "Enterprise Resource Planning" in Azerbaijani. Presented among the modern management practices of the 21st century, ERP stands for the management of an organization"s business processes together and integrated with each other...

What is Digital Transformation?

Digitalization is a strategy, not a technology. Digital transformation is a set of strategic, operational and technological breakthroughs and enabling activities to increase business competitiveness in the digital economy. Transforming innovative business models with technology to digitize…

ERP Project Management

Our failures guide us to do better. But if this practice comes at a high price, we should be more careful. As with all projects that aim to change corporate culture and ways of working, success and failure in ERP comes down to some key choices we make…

Workcube is a business, communication and collaboration platform that brings together an enterprise's employees, customers and suppliers. Workcube includes ERP, CRM, HR, PMS, PAM, CMS, LMS , includes programs such as B2B, B2C.