Robust omnichannel communication platform for sales boost and customer support


Use all instant messengers and social media in one chat center.

Communicate with your customers through a single application using all modern communication platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, VK, live chat center and other social media.

Engage your customer with messengers they trust. Stop wasting time switching between multiple tabs and getting lost in chat centers and dialogues.


Increase the conversion rate by improving the efficiency of inquiries processing

Use Umnico to enhance your customer communication:

Leverage digital pipeline

Set up message notifications

Robotise answering to frequently asked questions

Track dialogue sources

Distribute leads among your staff

Export your customer database for further analysis and import


Let your employees sell more by multiplying the number of customers

Umnico makes it possible to build omnichannel communication with clients by bringing all communication channels into a single app. You can reach your customers where it is convenient for them, increase the speed and quality of their inquiries processing, increase the loyalty rate and exceed sales volume limits.

Connect all communication channels suitable for your business to engage more clients.


Your customers prefer messengers!

Interact with them in their convenient environment. Check out all Umnico features right away