Social Responsibility

    Buta Group guides young people in their digital career journey with its virtual experience program VTP. With the Virtual Experience Program, the process of benefiting society, adding value, disseminating knowledge and discovering young talents continues. VTP is carried out with university students and new graduate participants through webinars, trainings, career conversations and sharing of the work done in the units. As a result of the experience programs, many participants find job opportunities in our company and join our team. The lives of more than 1000 young people were touched in the project, which was started in 2020 with the aim of helping young people spend the pandemic period effectively. With VTP Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Programs, young people are offered training and experience opportunities in 3-month periods.
VTP Bala
    VTP Bala brings together children with STEM fields. With its Informatics and Robotics education, it aims to provide secondary school children with the opportunity to meet accelerating fields such as robotics, electronics engineering, programming and computer engineering, and to train them as professional experts of the future by empowering them according to their interests. We achieve good results in the education we provide to children, who are our future, thanks to their predisposition to technology, creativity and enthusiasm for learning. We reached nearly 100 children within the scope of the project. We are happy to help children discover their talents.
Social helps
    As Buta Group, we donated 1 container house to the 1000 container city project for earthquake relief based in Kahramanmaraş. We voluntarily participated with our team in the activities organized to deliver earthquake aid. To contribute to healing the wounds of the earthquake, we donated 100,000 ₺ from our Turkey branch and 10,000 ₼ from our Azerbaijan branch to AFAD.
    We protect our future with the green mobilization to green life and hope. In order to protect the green after the forest fires in 2021, as Buta Group, we brought 21 saplings together with nature on behalf of each of our employees. We continue to breathe life into our forests every year with our goal of a sustainable future and our responsibility towards our planet and living creatures.