People who fear technology

Anyone can be afraid of new technology or reluctant to use it, but if the fear interferes with your life, it could be technophobia. In other words, the fear of technology is called technophobia in science. People who suffer from this usually fear, they afraid of the power of artificial intelligence, robots or computers.

In fact, technophobia affects people in different ways. Sometimes, people with this condition may be addicted to technology or, on the contrary, try very hard not to include technology in their lives.

Experts do not know exactly how many people suffer from technophobia. However, it is more common in older people. If you have another problem, such as anxiety, you are more prone to technophobia.

There is no single cause of technophobia. Factors that can lead to technophobia include:

There is no guaranteed cure for technophobia. It's common to resist adapting to technology, especially as you get older. If your anxiety is increasing or you have a mental health diagnosis, it is recommended that you start treatment.